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Learning By Teaching … A Robot

‘There’s a thought that a lot of learning by teaching is mental, it’s not necessarily about the physical … but just evaluating someone else’s thinking: Was that correct? Who’s in the right here? What do I have to change about the way that I’m explaining things or the way that I understand things so that we match?’

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Effective Teaching Strategies: A Recipe For Success

Effective Teaching Strategies: A Recipe For Success Effective teaching strategies are one of the cornerstones of classroom success. You need to put in place, first of all, a good classroom management plan followed by a sound behaviour management plan but once they are in place and you're comfortable with them you're ready for the 'main [...]

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STEM Education

STEM Education STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and encompasses a vast array of subjects that fall into each of those terms. While it is almost impossible to list every discipline, some common STEM areas include: aerospace engineering, astrophysics, astronomy, biochemistry, biomechanics, chemical engineering, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science, mathematical biology, [...]

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The Responsive Classroom® Approach

Teachers incorporate practices designed to make the classroom more stimulating, challenging, safer, and happier. Some of these practices directly foster a sense of community, such as Morning Meetings to start the day, or increased communication with parents to involve the entire family in their child’s education.

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