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Technology and Kids: 7 Ways to Unplug

While interaction with online educational games and apps can be a learning experience for our kids, the percentage of young children who are trading in picture books for LED screens has crept up to astonishing levels. A recent report by Common Sense Media found that over one-third (38 percent) of 0- to 8-year-olds studied had [...]

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Effective Teaching Strategies: A Recipe For Success

Effective Teaching Strategies: A Recipe For Success Effective teaching strategies are one of the cornerstones of classroom success. You need to put in place, first of all, a good classroom management plan followed by a sound behaviour management plan but once they are in place and you're comfortable with them you're ready for the 'main [...]

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10 Effective DAP Teaching Strategies

An effective teacher or family child care provider chooses a strategy to fit a particular situation. It’s important to consider what the children already know and can do and the learning goals for the specific situation. By remaining flexible and observant, we can determine which strategy may be most effective. Often, if one strategy doesn’t [...]

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The Responsive Classroom® Approach

Teachers incorporate practices designed to make the classroom more stimulating, challenging, safer, and happier. Some of these practices directly foster a sense of community, such as Morning Meetings to start the day, or increased communication with parents to involve the entire family in their child’s education.

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Learning Styles

Learning Styles ALL STUDENTS ARE CREATED EQUALLY (AND DIFFERENTLY.) The term “learning styles” speaks to the understanding that every student learns differently. Technically, an individual’s learning style refers to the preferential way in which the student absorbs, processes, comprehends and retains information. For example, when learning how to build a clock, some students understand the [...]

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