Welcome to SKOOL PRESS and Thanks for considering us to take care of your website. This is short guide for the beginners to start with. Once you are done with the basic important steps, We would request you to please consult our detailed Documentations and videos for more information.

How to create a new website for your blog or school?

Signup process is very easy. Once clicked the Signup button, you will be presented a pricing plan and “Setup your site” Form.

  • Choose appropriate plan and fill the form.
  • Select your required template.

After clicking the Reserve your site button, you will be asked for payment information. Fill-up the required details. If you have already paid by other means then click “Alternative Payment” button and mention the reference of your payment. Once completed, you will be sent an email with login details and a link to logon to your website.

Open the link and login to your website. Once Login, you will find the backend of the website.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 4.07.39 am

Create Your Website With A Click Now

After logging in to your website, you will find the backend dashboard of your website.

Let’s explain the important parts of Dashboard.


Important:First step after logging into dashboard is to change the website email and general details.


How to Change the logo in X Theme?

How to Change the logo in AVADA Theme?